Rust. We’ve written about what it does time and time again to cars up here in the Minnesota,  touching on the topic of keeping it at bay.  Here’s another common issue we’ve seen on the 2004-2009 Prius: broken rear coil springs.

The owner’s primary concern is usually a combination of low ride height and/or noise.  Once the vehicle is on the lift the cause is readily identified:

Prius Broken Rear Spring

Prius Broken Rear Spring

Because the spring tapers inward at the bottom the broken coil can slide off the bottom of the strut allowing the rear suspension to collapse.  This differs from the Camry front springs we’ve replaced, as those typically still stay on the strut perch.

CARspec recommends replacing both rear springs and struts in the event of the above.  Because the loose spring can contact the rear brake lines, drums or wheels/tires during operation we strongly encourage a Prius that has a collapsed rear suspension be towed to the shop.

As Minneapolis, Minnesota’s premier independent Toyota and Lexus specialist, we’re usually able to repair a Prius’s rear coil spring failure in 24 hours or less.  If you think you have a broken rear spring on your Prius, don’t hesitate to call us and make and appointment for a no cost inspection at (952)426-4798 today!