The GX470 comes standard with rear height control, using air springs (aka airbags) in the back of the vehicle to raise and lower the vehicle depending on the input from the driver control switch (High, Normal or Low).  The system will also self-level to the appropriate height depending on the vehicle’s load.  The front of the vehicle has a fixed height.

The system constantly monitors the rear end’s height via two height sensors.  Using these sensors the truck will adjust the air pressure inside the rear air springs until the desired sensor height is reached.

The rear height sensors are prone to failure in two ways, the root cause for both being corrosion.  The first (and most common) failure is the sensor corroding internally.  The sensor tell the vehicle is is either far too high or low, causing the rear airbags to totally deflate or inflate in compensation.

The second failure is a seizing of the sensor’s attachment arm pivot.  The sensor is either ripped of the frame bracket or the suspension attachment point breaks, the latter of which occurred below.  The height control system proceeds to lose its mind trying to sort out the data from the broken sensor.

GX470 Broken Height Sensor

GX470 Broken Height Sensor

Correcting for the either of the above requires height sensor replacement (both are strongly encouraged) and replacement of associated damaged parts.  It is common to have rear air spring and rear shock absorber failure at the same time as height sensor failure.  Over or under inflation of the rear air springs can lead to air leaks as well as blown rear shock absorbers.

As Minneapolis, Minnesota’s premier independent Toyota and Lexus specialist we see this problem on a regular basis and can usually repair GX470 height control issues within 24 hours.  If you have a GX470 with rear height control problems don’t hesitate to give us a ring at (952)426-4798 today!