Over the last six months, CARspec has seem a dramatic increase in theft of 2004-2009 Toyota Prius catalytic converters, so much so that sourcing new catalysts from Toyota has become a multi-week affair due to the demand.  Due to the similar design, 2010-2020 Prius catalytic converter thefts are also on the rise.

The 2004-2009 Toyota Prius is a prime target for catalytic converter thieves for 2 reasons: 1) the vehicle has two catalytic converters right next to the each other and 2) the catalytic converter can be quickly removed from the vehicle.  Thieves then double their money getting 2 catalytic converters in 1, and quickly.

In response to so many Prius catalytic converter thefts, CARspec has become an authorized retailer and installer of Cat Security Prius catalytic converter shields.  The idea behind the shield is very simple: make getting to the catalytic converter a pain, so the thief goes elsewhere, seen here:

Prius catalytic converter shield

Prius catalytic converter shield

By limiting access to the front flange (which the thief normally unbolts) and the back of the pipe (that is usually cut), there is enough coverage to make going around the shield a pain to where the noise and time it would take to cut or remove the shield is prohibitive.  The shield is secured by a series of rivets and security screws, making a drill needed to loudly, slowly drill them out to pull the shield.

Installation take about an hour and is reversible (with a new hardware kit) if the exhaust needs service.  If you have a 2004-2009 (or even later) Prius, give us a ring to have a Cat Security shield installed and help deter catalyst theft.