A common complaint from 20087-2009 Scion xB owners, especially a few days after a heavy rain or snowfall, is the ABS light on.  The most common cause of the ABS light are either stored diagnostic trouble codes C0210 (Rear speed sensor RH circuit) or C0215 (Rear speed sensor LH circuit).

Where the connector for the rear wheel speed sensor harness attaches to the wheel speed sensor itself (which is part of the rear wheel bearing), there is a small rubber seal that prevents water and road salt from getting into the connector.  This fails, early and often.  This is the exact same problem we encountered on this Highlander with an ABS light on.  Here’s what they looked like, removed from their connector, so you can see the terminals:

TerminalPhotoYou can confirm the problem on the vehicle by removing the connector’s protective cover and pulling a small white tab out of the connector to expose the inside of the connector and the terminals.  You’ll usually see some minor green or brown buildup – this buildup conducts electricity and disrupts the signal from the sensor, causing your ABS light to come on.  It’s important to inspect the wheel speed sensor on the bearing too – sometimes moisture will also corroded the sensor itself, requiring a new wheel bearing.

Toyota has updated the wheel speed sensor to prevent moisture from finding its way into the connector.  As Minneapolis’s independent Toyota and Lexus service and repair shop we see this issue often and can diagnose it quickly, getting you back on the road with a fully operational ABS system, so give us a call at (952)426-4798 today!