Extended Car Warranty

CARspec is happy to work with any extended warranty company on behalf of a guest, offer a local Eden Prairie alternative to driving to the dealership for you extended warranty repair needs.  If you have an extended warranty, CARspec recommends that you have:

  • A copy of you extended warranty contract, if available
  • The phone number of the company’s claims department
  • The contract number

When making your appointment please note that you have an extended warranty – CARspec will then contact the company on your behalf to make a claim.  Extended warranty companies handle claims in a variety of ways: some send out inspectors, some require CARspec use the parts or procedure they dictate and some require additional diagnostics before the repair will be approved.  During this process CARspec will keep the guest informed on the process.  Once approved by the guest and the warranty company, CARspec will then repair your Toyota, Lexus or Scion in the agreed upon manner.

We hope this helps those that have an extended warranty get the most use out of it – call (952) 426-4798 for an appointment!