CARspec encountered a known issue with the 2005-2008 Toyota Corolla and Matrix today and wanted to share it, hopefully preventing a costly repair for an owner.

2008 Toyota Matrix

If your 2005-2008 Toyota Corolla or Matrix (FWD) was in for an ECM replacement recall AND you have code P0741 (Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Performance) there is a chance the wrong ECM was installed during the recall.  The ECM differs if the car has Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) or not, the part number differing by a single digit.  This code in particular (and no others) is a known consequence of the wrong ECM being installed.

For this particular failure CARspec is happy to check for the correct part number before charging for diagnostics.  We hope this helps an owner get their Toyota repaired at no cost!