Green Car Key

CARspec combines the latest in Toyota and Lexus diagnostic and repair capabilities with environmentally friendly practices. Partnering with our oil distributor Lube Tech, we’re committed to minimizing our impact by:

  • Courtesy electric vehicle charging
  • Using non-lead wheel weights
  • Composting organic shop waste
  • Recycling used oil, gear lubricant and fuels to be used in asphalt manufacturing and new motor oil.
  • Shredding old oil filters, recycling the extracted oil, and salvaging the remaining metal.
  • Redistilling used coolant to be used in non-factory fill applications
  • Reclaiming discarded salvage metal from failed components
  • Using chlorine-free cleaning solvents
  • Operating a hybrid and plug-in hybrid shop fleet
  • Buying in bulk to minimize packing waste and shipping emissions