Taking your car in for service can be daunting.  What do you really need, and when do you really need it?

Toyota recommends that some guests maintain their vehicles more frequently than others, namely when you use your vehicle for Severe Service.  A blanket term, Severe Service includes many things like towing, using a rooftop carrier, and making frequent trips of less than 5 miles in freezing temperatures.

Do you tow, live on a dirt road, use a rooftop carrier or not let your car warm up before you’re done using it?  You fit the bill for additional Severe Service.

Don’t do any of the above, or do so infrequently?  Don’t worry about it.

Toyota’s minimum maintenance requirements cover the majority drivers and will keep your vehicle running well indefinitely.  We at CARspec won’t recommend additional maintenance items unless we see they might be needed based on your use.