Some late model GX460, GX470, 4Runner and Land Cruisers are equipped with Toyota’s Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System. Acting like a sway bar disconnect popular with the off road crowd, KDSS allows the benefits of a disconnected sway bar without having to crawl underneath your truck.

The system has it’s own dedicated fluid, lines, cylinders and valve body that control the sway of the truck on and off road.  There is a special service tool used to replace and bleed the KDSS fluid.  It looks like this:

KDSS Service Tool

KDSS Service Tool

The most common symptoms of KDSS failure is a severely uneven ride height side to side and/or a flashing KDSS light.  The vehicle will also sway more than normal during a turn.  Fluid leaks from the cylinder aren’t uncommon as well.

As Eden Prairie and Chanhassen’s Toyota and Lexus specialist, CARspec offers KDSS repair and service at a price point lower than all local dealerships.  Because the tool is available to the aftermarket only via special order, CARspec is one of only a handful of independent auto repair shops in the Midwest that are able to service the system outside of the dealership.

If you’ve got KDSS problems in the Minneapolis metro, give us a call today!