Prius Battery

CARspec gets weekly inquiries on the price of replacing the hybrid battery for 1st (2001-2003) and 2nd (2004-2009) generation Prius.  We thought we’d put it on the blog so those interested can see for themselves:

2001-2003 Prius new Toyota battery – $2743.04

2001-2003 Prius rebuilt battery – $2042.69

2004-2009 Prius new Toyota battery – $2998

2004-2009 Prius rebuilt battery – $2280.26

All battery replacements include cleaning of the battery cooling fan, transfer of components (where needed), and cleaning of the throttle.  Most replacements can be completed the same day.

CARspec does not offer nor recommend individual module replacements.  You can read more on our blog here and here.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency when it comes to your vehicle and look forward to helping you get your Prius back on the road.