Toyota recently released a warranty enhancement for 2010-2014 Prius, extending the coverage of the inverter/converter Intelligent Powertrain Module.  What does this mean for an owner?

If you own a 2010-2014 Prius you’ll be getting a letter from Toyota explaining the situation.  They’ve seen an unusually high failure rate of the inverter/converter that controls the high voltage for the hybrid drive system.  The inverter/converter is an important piece of electronics in your car – without it, you’re stuck.

2nd Generation Prius Inverter

So what exactly are they covering?  They’re replacing the inverter/converter if it fails, but only for a handful of very specific reasons.  If your car breaks down and the inverter fails, Toyota will replace it for free under the warranty if you have the following error codes:

P0A94 – DC/DC Converter Performance

P324E – MG ECU power relay intermittent circuit

P3004 – Power Cable Malfunction

P0A1A – Generator Control Module

If you’ve paid to have your inverter replaced already (out of warranty), Toyota will reimburse you provided you have the appropriate documentation.

While we can’t say we’ve seen too many inverter/converter failures, we here at CARspec are glad Toyota is covering this failure for longer and continues to provide great customer service over the long run.

Inverter failed and isn’t covered by the above?  CARspec offers hybrid certified repair 20-40% cheaper than the dealership and can get you back on the road.  Give us a call at (952) 426-4798 and schedule an appointment!