Gear lube

Owning an all wheel drive or four wheel drive Toyota is great for Minnesota winters, but with that advantage comes additional maintenance cost in the form of differential and transfer case fluid changes. 

Why do these fluids need to be changed, and what are the fluids being put into your vehicle?

Like in the engine of your car, oil is used as a lubricant to reduce friction between the moving and non-moving parts of your all wheel drive and four wheel drive system.  The gear oil in your differentials and transfer case does just this: keeping the gears and bearings moving smoothly during a harsh Minnesota winter.  Depending on the use of the vehicle and type of gear oil required, the change frequency of your differential and transfer case fluid can vary.

Some specific uses require more frequent differential and transfer case fluid changes.

CARspec recommends you change your differential and transfer case fluid every 60,000 miles, regardless of use and type.  This ensures the fluid is always in good condition so as to allow the gears, bearings and internal components to do their job without interruption.

CARspec recommends replacing your fluid every 15,000 miles if you:

  • Tow with the vehicle
  • Use a rooftop carrier
  • Drive on dirt roads, trails, or over rough terrain.

If you use your vehicle to tow and launch a boat, CARspec recommends changing the rear differential fluid at the end of each towing season.  Due to the frequency with which the rear wheels and rear differential are submerged, replacing the rear differential fluid ensures no water that may have spilled into the rear differential will remain long enough to corrode the differential carrier and wheel bearings.

In summary, proper maintenance of all wheel drive and four wheel drive fluids will ensure proper operation year-round and prevent future expense. CARspec stocks all of the necessary fluids, tools, and small parts needed to maintain your vehicle’s drive-train, so stop in today for your maintenance needs.