CARspec has had a few guests confused about what the latest Toyota and Lexus recall means for their vehicle, mainly because  they were just at the dealership for a recall on the same component for the same vehicles.  Here’s the story:

The original recall (acronym D0F/DLC for Toyota/Lexus respectively) involved the passenger airbag inflator module (the explosive that deploys the passenger’s airbag) that may have been manufactured incorrectly by a Toyota supplier, resulting in a potential abnormal deployment of said airbag.  To remedy this, Toyota had a dealership technician inspect the airbag and replace the inflator module if needed.  Not all inflators required replacement at this stage, as per Toyota’s supplier not all had a potential defect.

Fast forward six months – Toyota is informed by their airbag supplier that they aren’t quite sure they replaced all the potentially faulty inflators in the last recall.  Toyota then decided that replacement of the inflator is the correct course of action and renews the recall with updated parts and procedure.

So there you have it: Toyota is buying you a new passenger inflator module if this recall applies to your vehicle.  Any local dealership welcomes the chance to take care of the recall for you (but call ahead, they may not have the parts yet!)