CARspec recently had the opportunity to diagnose an intermittent concern on a guest’s LX470, namely a vibration that only presented itself when the vehicle was accelerating.  Under light and no load (cruising) there was minimal vibration.

The technician tracked the concern down to freeplay in rearmost universal joint in the rear driveshaft.  The owner had recently lifted the vehicle changing the driveline angles, causing a worn universal joint to present itself more than with the stock ride height angles.  While this is not the fault of the owner, changing the ride height can have far-reaching effects on seemingly unrelated systems.  This universal joint likely had some small wear that was exacerbated by the lift.  Here’s the rear universal joint that was causing the concern:

LX470 Universal joint

LX470 Universal joint

The joint fell apart after the driveshaft was removed for inspection!

The driveshaft universal joints and slip yoke have grease fittings that allow the joints and yoke to be maintained as they age – it is crucial that all grease fittings on Toyota and Lexus trucks be maintained regularly (15k-30k miles depending on use) to prevent issues like this.

As Minneapolis, Minnesota’s premier independent Toyota and Lexus specialist repair shop, CARspec’s technicians pride themselves on being able to prevent issues like this (and diagnose them quickly) with an honest, upfront approach to proactive maintenance and repair.  If you have a Toyota or Lexus car or truck, don’t hesitate to call us at (952)426-4798 to schedule your next maintenance or repair with us today!